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Get Up and Shine – Be an Early Riser
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Get Up and Shine – Be an Early Riser

Get Up and Shine – Be an Early Riser

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So Let us Start the Journey
So Let us Start the Journey

Hello Ladies,

So Like I said in my last post, I am starting a new Journey that will make me a new Person- a Better Person. I started this new era of my life with correcting my sleeping pattern.

Trust me when I say this ‘having fixed sleeping routine do wonders to your life’. I can go on and on about the benefits of a good sleeping pattern but to count few i.e. more productivity, balanced hormones, glowing skin, energetic mood, more hours in a day, happy vibes, less tired body etc. etc. etc……………..

Staying disciplined helped me a lot
Staying disciplined helped me a lot

It’s been almost 7 weeks since I fixed my sleeping pattern and my body clock has already adapted that pattern. Now no matter what I am doing, when it’s time to sleep I am sleeping and when it’s time to leave the bed I am out of bed.

Was it easy? No, it was not; it was way too hard. I used to be a dedicated part of that snooze lover community. So how did I do that? Here are few tips that I implemented and bingo I am on fixed 7 hours sleep.

  • Start with your night time routine. Look at your daily schedule (and if needed at the schedule of your closed ones whose routine affects yours). Fix a time in the evening by when you will be ready to call it a day.
  • Give at least 20 minutes to your own self before heading towards bed – Brush your teeth, wash your face, brush your hair, fill up your bedside water just etc.
  • Keep your mobile away from your bed. This one is the most important in my routine. If it’s near me I am going to use it that means procrastinating sleep.
  • Make sure your bed is clean and cozy and ready to take you to the world of dreams.
  • Don’t press snooze in the morning. Trick is to not give your mind enough time to think. The moment alarm goes off instead of snoozing it and switching it off stretch your body and sit up. Then click the off button on alarm, drink the water you put on your side at night and wake up your brain.
  • Give your body 5 minutes while sitting up, pray or just simply think about how beautiful the day is going to be.
  • Step out of your bed, open the window and let the fresh air come in. And start your morning routine.
  • Do include a light workout, yoga or walk or whatever body movements you like to practice to your morning routine.
  • And get ready to conquer the day.

Motivation and dedication are the most important element of self-improvement and personal development. But I can say it from personal experience that we cannot stay motivated always so we need to be disciplined. Try to be disciplined as much as you can until the body adapts the routine. Then you don’t have to force your body only need to trick your mind.

You will never Always be Motivated, so You must Learn to be Disciplined.
You will never Always be Motivated, so You must Learn to be Disciplined.

I can assure your first few days are going to feel like hell. You will be thinking why I am putting myself through this but the end results are worth. Set a goal that you want to achieve and think about that goal. We cannot reach the destination without going through journey, for that journey we need to take our first step and keep on moving. This is the first step. I assure you it’s going to change your life.

See you soon.

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