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What’s on my Baby Wishlist

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With baby K due soon, we are almost finished setting up his nursery. I say nursery, truth be told, he’s taken over the house and he’s not even here yet! As first time parents, done a lot of research on pretty much every product possible in order to make our baby wishlist. Listed below is a few of our favourites for some categories. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for first time parents who were as clueless as we were!


We are definitely going to breastfeed if we can. But I also want Nick to be able to feed him comfortably. So we do have a plan to pump milk and bottle feed as well as just breastfeed. We found an excellent deal on a full Tommee Tippee steriliser set, complete with multiple sized bottles and a warmer. I’m also quite excited about this breast pump. Here’s hoping it means I won’t have to get up in the middle of the night for every single feed!


I’m pretty sure our changing situation is good to go! We do have a changing table set-up in the nursery, with an adorable (and completely waterproof) dinosaur changing mat. We also got 2 of these absolutely gorgeous Bambino Mio changing mats. One for downstairs, and one for in the nappy bag for when we are out and about. They are so soft but also wipable and don’t have that horrible waterproof feeling, much more comfortable for baby and also machine washable in case of any accidents!

Although in our changing table we have drawers full of nappies and cream, we also have this super cute box hanger for on the back of the door, this way there are always nappies that we can grab without having to rummage for them.


Bed Time

I must admit, bedtime is the thing I’m most nervous about with baby K. Maybe because I myself have not been sleeping the past few months, or maybe because I worry locking the cats out of the bedroom will stress them out too much. Either way, I’m a little bit panicked over it. We have a next to me set-up for the bedroom for the first 6 months, and we also have his crib fully set-up in his own room for later.

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