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Weekend Trumpets – October II
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Weekend Trumpets – October II

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Walking alone in the life

This week had been a crazy one!!! A really crazy one with lots of up and downside on both personal and professional front leaving even less time than I used to have for the Elbe. I am not complaining but life is a mess right now and I would give anything for it to go back to the normal thing it used to be before the last Sunday.  Alright enough of my whining, let us dive into what I was able to find for this weekend Trumpets. Hope you are having a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

A newbie to skin care, try this beginner’s guide for the first step towards your skin health.

One of the biggest news of the week was the announcement of Noble Prizes of 2019. (okay, for some it might not be the biggest news, but I personally believe the laurates are really really a big thing).

Cosy night sleep is on the cards with this pyjama set.

With Halloween just around the corner, Camilla Styles put together a list of Pumpkin recipes to try this month.

Something your Mother or Mother-in-law will love!!

Interested in Historical Fashion and style, then this is for you!!!

This tweed dress is must-have fall office dress.

Queen Letizia of Spain channeled Audrey Hepburn at the National Day celebrations.

Loving this $56 dainty necklace.

A day in Puglia – postcard from Krystal.

Wanna something simple to smart up your dress, This Tommy Hilfiger shrug will do the job.

Book Addams Family Mansion this Halloween ,  yes you can!!

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

  In the upcoming week I will be really really busy so won’t be around Instagram that much. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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