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Weekend Trumpets – November II
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets – November II

November is here let us see what we can get out of it

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November is here let us see what we can get out of it
November is here let us see what we can get out of it

And November is here. November month is like a bridge between fall and winter. Temps are not down enough for heavy fabrics but not up enough for just fall based outfits.  And November definitely brought something new for me. Last week I mentioned about branching out as Freelance web designer and I have officially started. It’s good to be on the go.  Hope you guys will have a wonderful weekend!!! Let us see what we have in these weekend’s trumpets:

Can’t sleep at night, try these easy Yoga Poses!!

I fell in love with this dainty necklace at first sight.

The art of Small Talk – Something I can never perfect, but that’s where this starts.

It’s time for another white printed jersey top.

Who else was bowled over by our fav Keanu Reeves this week?

Not all of us can afford a Chanel belt but still can glam up out outfit!!

This week leading royal was the 14-years old Spanish heiress Princess Leonor who won the Catalan hearts in Barcelona.

This $64 long double-breasted coat beats it’s all contemporary but costly peers.

How to build life-long habits!!!

This beaded headband is asking for a wedding guest look.

Another near-casualty in the ever-changing economy is British Label Links of London!!

Check out this red and black floral jacket for the upcoming festival season!!

An Entrepreneur is not born it’s made – Thoughts from an expert!!

It’s time to bring your best scarf games to the front.

Emma Watson is talking about her life after Harry Potter in Vogue!!

Something to stuff in a stocking this Christmas!!

Are you planning to travel alone, see what it takes to travel solo as women!!


Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash


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