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Weekend Trumpets – January II
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets – January II

Weekend Trumpets January II - Copy

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We are well into the new decade now. What are you guys up to? I am back to my work routine. something big is happening in the workplace so it’s busy. But I won’t be here for very long as I had already planned out the next phase of my life. My big 30’s are going to be my dream life and I am determined to turn into what it is. Another thing that I have mentioned earlier in the Instagram post is although I am at a happy place it’s very very busy!! And keeping up with two blogs, a full-time job and a newly phasing out a freelance career is bit busier. I am looking for someone who can take over the Elbe Couture and keep it running. How it is going to be is up for discussion. So if anyone is interested in becoming a Lifestyle blogger then please let me know!! Now let us see what I got this week

The new hair trend that everyone is talking about -Twilighting!!

My new Lunch Bag.

Some tips for Personal Growth – hmmm!!

A gift for a home gardener.

I enjoyed this Mind-Body Green Horoscope!!!

A Duchess of Cambridge inspired Sweater.

Professional advice for the New Decades and New Challenges.

A pretty headband addition to my closet.

I missed the Golden Globes, was there anything interesting!!

I really loved Peruvian Connection’s winter collection.

An interesting take on Climate Change.

A Real Royal Replica – Earrings worth calling Royal but without a budget.

Something to read from Gisele!

I know its too early for white dresses, but it was too cute.

Want a Wealthy Retirement, this may help!

Dress like a Queen.

So true – Wisdom is all about Practice.

Mango Beauty!

Dealing with Friendship Breakup like an Adult.


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