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Weekend Trumpets – February II
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpets – February II

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Weekedn Trumpets feb II

Happy belated Valentines’ Day but then they say if we are with our loved ones then every day is Valentine’s Day. This weekend also brought Family Day. So I wish a very happy Family Day to my all readers. It is a long weekend so hopefully, everyone is enjoying it like I am doing. It’s very cold in Canada for the last few days. On Friday temp crossed -20 in Toronto here and it’s so freezing out there. I went for a small shopping spree yesterday, but now I am planning to stay in for the next two days. Let us what I found this week!

This maxi dress is so colourful and edgy.

Oh wow, listening to the Duchess of Cambridge at this extremely warm podcast was such a refreshing experience. Yes,  a royal lady at the podcast discussing something really important.

This lamp is amazingly getting hype.

How to say no but very nicely. Lovely lady Grace Atwood is showing us the path. Have a suggestion then write to her here.

Got this bag for my Mother whom I will be seeing after almost a year.

10 Money rules for women in the 30’s.

Anne Klein’s red watch is feeling valentine’s day vibes.

The Fridge stapes – A simple way Nutritious Life.

My new Lipstick.

14 Bizarre Rom-Com facts.

1 Day, 1 Day for sure.

3 floral recipes to welcome the upcoming season.

Have you read Aleathea Roming’s Fidelity series – It’s just so consuming. Loved it.

I will be soon travelling and this article reminded me of a few things that I will need.

This is my second last week at my job. So looking for some office gifts. Came across this one.

Lost my sunglasses, I have been eyeing this one for some time now.

My Mum is turning 60 this year so this gift guide will be helpful well apart from the last option 😉


Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels



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