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Weekend Trumpet – March I
Weekend Trumpets

Weekend Trumpet – March I

Weekend Trumpets March I

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Weekend Trumpets March I

Hello Ladies, Sorry I couldn’t update last weekend’s trumpets on time. Actually, I was out and forgot to hit the publish button. I am officially on break now so travelling in and around Toronto a lot. Let me know if you guys want me to put a small post about what to do in Toronto, then I will update the stuff I did in Toronto. Now let us dive into this week’s gems.

Throwing a $60 Dinner party is easy!

This bag is full of vacation vibes.

Have you seen Duchess of Cambridge’s dazzling appearance in a sapphire gown?

Blow $100 perfect quilt jacket.

I find this reading particularly interesting as I was finding hard to focus after leaving the job.

New Body spray that will be part of a travelling kit.

What we can do to protect ourself from Coronavirus.

looking to upgrade your work out routine. Start with these New trainers.

If you are a tech nerd like me and needed some real-life motivation, then look no further.

Going to try this Moroccan Oil, will report the result soon.

Looking for a style influencer fitting your body type, Jess has compiled a list for you.

Duchess of Cambridge approved earrings.

Turning Healthy Habits into Routine – Doctor’s trick.

This polka dot skirt is so chic and simple.

Have you watched Apple’s new ad, a five-hour-long shoot taking us through Russia’s Hermitage Museum in one take?

Looking for a new workwear bag, this is so elegant and chic choice.

Life is not like a movie -a take from Nancy Meyers.

Oh, My My, such a beautiful vintage style dress. Simply gorgeous.

4 traits all smart people possess.


Pic by Yours Truly at Casa Loma.


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