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Step by Step Guide – How to plan your first solo vacation!!

Step by Step Guide – How to plan your first solo vacation!!

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Step by Step Guide to plan your first solo vactaion to London
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“World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”

Finally, I believe I am somewhat closer to what I always wanted to do – Travel. I am planning to start the new journey of my life from my Favourite place – the United Kingdom. In this post, I am going to discuss the step by step detail of planning a solo vacation.

I can’t even say at what age I started daydreaming about visiting the UK. I have been a Royal watcher for a long time and love reading about historical places and event. So what is better to start this new journey than going with your heart’s desire? The British traditions full of Pomp and Pageantry are something I would like to see from the close-up.

You know London was named the best-rated destination in the world in TripAdvisor’s 2019 annual Travelers’ Choice awards for destinations with Paris coming to 2nd and Rome grabbing the 3rd spot.

Planning your first ever vacation to the United Kingdom
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I am a complete newbie at this. So I am going to start planning when to leave, what places to visit, accommodation, transportation, budgeting etc. It will be my first ever solo vacation where I will be travelling to another country. Before this, I have travelled on long-haul flights but it was always for living purpose, not for leisure. I will be documenting all the planning details here on this page. So you can bookmark this page as I will updating this page every week with new research and findings before embarking on the new journey.

When I will be travelling?

After talking to some lovely people from the UK on Twitter, I have decided to visit the United Kingdom in the early spring 2020. It won’t be unbearably cold or crowded at that time. I will update the dates as soon as I have booked my flights and sort out my visa application.

Country side living in the United Kingdom
Photo by Alixe Lay on Instagram

How long the visit will be?

I am planning to spend 10 days in the UK. If I can I will be living in the British Countryside forever but will have to settle for a 10 days short visit only.

“Traveling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life-changing experiences of your life – Try it at least once!!”

Visiting Buckingham Palace for the first time
Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash

What is the Itinerary?

I am going, to be honest, I am pretty biased to some royal places so will be spending what looks like more than the necessary time at those places. But the general Idea is London, Manchester, Northumberland, Edinburgh, and Aberdeenshire. I would love to visit Wales and Northern Ireland too but this time the budget and time will not allow, in case anything changes, I will let you guys know. Do you have any other suggestion that you believe I should be adding to my itinerary then do let me know?

Image by Giz.K on Instagram

In the TripAdvisor’s 2019 annual awards Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast, York and Manchester were among the UK’s top 10 destinations.  I might add York and Glasgow to the list but as I said it all depends upon budget and time and also on the final planning. If you are planning on traveling somewhere cold, you might want to stock up at somewhere like Alpin Loacker to keep yourself warm.

What about Accommodations and Transportation?

For the start, I am going with Airbnb and public transportation. I will be updating the details soon about all the findings I have and the final decisions on this page before I leave for the UK. I also look for any suggestions you have to explore and consider. I am running on a limited budget so will have to consider that too.

Tourist Attractions to visit during a solo vacation in the United Kingdom
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Main Attractions on my Itinerary?

I will be updating this detail in the upcoming weeks with more information. It will not only help me to sort out my research and findings but I hope to get more feedback from you where I can make appropriate changes.

To Be Continued…………………

“Travel – because, Money returns. Time never.”

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