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Focus on Good and Positive Aspects of Your Life
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Focus on Good and Positive Aspects of Your Life


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An Honest Evluation of sould, Body and Mind
An Honest Evluation of sould, Body and Mind

 The key to healthy lifestyle is soul, mind and body listening- means being honest with you.  Honestly investigating your life and breaking down each part of it to see where there are holes and where you need improvement will give you the lucidity you have to push ahead. You will find what are the parts of your life that need more work? What is eating your energy out without giving back anything productively?

Soul listening can be done considering three parameters: Body, Mind and Spirituality.  Relax and breath you do not have to do all of them together at once. Take your time. We want honesty not formality. So take baby steps and starts with the easy part.

Start with Body and note down things:

  • What shape is your body? Find body shapes here. It will help you in the next steps further down the lane of personal development.
  • What are you putting into your body i.e. food? You are what you eat so evaluate carefully. What you need to improve, add or remove?

Mind Evaluation involves what have you achieved in this materialistic world.

  • What is your education, qualifications or achievements? What is your career, is it worth, are you on the same road you always planned to be?
  • How are your finances? How you can increase them or make more profit. What are your financial plans for your future? Are you on the path to achieve them?
  • hat are your hobbies and Interests? Can you use your hobby or interest to make money or livelihood? What would you need to improve or practice your hobby?
  • Do you need any further education, qualification to reach higher in your career? How can get those qualifications with the current financial plans and how much will you needed to change your financial plans?
Focus on Good and Positive
Focus on Good and Positive Aspects of your life

People usually find thinking or evaluating materialistic part hard but in truth the hardest part is spiritual evaluation. Think about these and make notes;

  • What is your relationship with your family i.e. parents, siblings, in-laws, children, cousins and relatives. How those relationships are affecting your life i.e. peace of mind, health, mental wellness, career?
  • What is your relationship with nature and universe? Do you step out often to enjoy Mother Nature? Do you get enough time to listen to universe?
  • How much you trust the creator of the world? Does it give you hope for future or encourages you to crave your own path in the world?

Once you have answered all these questions from mind, body and spiritual evaluation, go through them one by one. Cut the things that are negatively influencing your life, that are stopping your from becoming a better person, stopping you from achieving great things in life and fulfilling your dreams.  It’s never too late and you are never too old to start living. Live Now. Start Now.

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